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BLK Wheels started as a vision to create the best possible mixture of aesthetically appealing designs and performance oriented optimization unlike anything the wheel industry has seen before. We don’t view wheels as just an accessory or a status marker, but rather a piece of functional art. We have spent months carefully going over our designs to bring out the most detailed product possible, while also retaining a sense of simplicity. In the simplest terms, we designed something we would be incredibly proud to see on our own cars.

With a team full of young entrepreneurs, we believe we bring the freshest minds and a brand new vision to an over saturated and complacent wheel industry. Experience is not a problem, as we have partnered with the right sources to ensure that when it comes to getting the product made, each part of the wheel is backed by over 20 years of experience. Our vision for BLK goes beyond anything any company has attempted in the wheel industry. It won’t simply be a wheel company, but rather a lifestyle company. Our innovative designs will translate over to our entire brand and will make each of you proud to be a part of the BLK family.