Our philosophy at BLK Wheels is to create a full experience that goes beyond the traditional forged wheel routine. We encourage our customers to be involved in the whole process from beginning to end, providing numerous updates consisting of anything from pictures of the raw material, to an analysis of 3D models to explain how everything works. Instead of leaving the customer in the dark until their wheels are ready, we like to show them each step of the process so they can follow the progression as their order comes to life. This page will serve as a small sample of our pride in the product, and give prospective customers insight on what they can expect from a BLK Wheels product.


The Design

Everything starts with design. At BLK, we take great pride in each of our designs and we only release products that we would be proud to have on our own cars. Every design is crafted with the intent of the wheel looking just as great away from the car as they do when mounted and complimenting it. Not only do we set out to create designs that look great today, but we also consider the fact that wheels are a long term product, and we do our best to create instant classics that never go out of style. Each and every design we release is modern and aggressive, but at the same time maintains a classy appeal. Abiding by these principles, we have been able to create an instantly identifiable product in a crowded market, and we’re incredibly proud to continue to innovate and push at every chance. Every design that sees the light of day only does so after being subjected to months of revisions until we are certain that it fits into the overall vision of BLK Wheels.



A wheel is nothing more than brittle art if it is not properly engineered. When a customer orders a set of our wheels, they aren’t getting an off the shelf product. The order is created from the ground up with their wants and needs at the forefront. Instead of engineering our wheels to one set of standards and making minor tweaks to make a set “work”, we choose to spend a bit more time and tailor it exclusively for the vehicle they’re being made for. Every single time. We prioritize quality over quantity, creating a truly unique and personalized product worthy of not only the BLK name, but worthy of being placed on your car. Once engineered, every set is run through an extensive Finite Element Analysis to ensure the safety and strength of the wheel is absolute. The end result is a completely unique wheel that is weight and strength optimized for your vehicle, all while having a fitment that is precise down to the exact millimeter.



Every set of our centers are crafted from Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 aluminum forgings, while our inner and outer barrels are crafted from Aerospace Grade 6061 aluminum that has been heat treated twice. We source 100% of our materials from within the United States, ensuring a consistent and reliable quality unrivaled by the materials imported from outside the US.



While many of our machining methods remain proprietary and can’t be revealed in detail (sorry, competition!), we can say that every product we put out is touched by only the best available machinery, operated by machinists with decades of experience in the wheel industry. All of our personnel work incredibly hard on every set they come in contact with, and they’re constantly refining their own skills to make sure that our machining is one of the smoothest and highest quality processes in the wheel industry.



At BLK, we aim to never have to tell a customer that we can’t pull off a finish. If you can imagine it, we have the capability to get it done; allowing for a completely unique set of wheels with zero compromise. Every set of wheels comes standard with any simple powder coated centers, a polished or powder coated outer lip, and a satin black inner barrel. Beyond that, we offer any brushed, polished, chrome, or PPG finish as well. With no restrictions on finishing, every set of wheels comes out completely unique and personalized just the way you imagined it.


Quality Control

The last stage of our production process before a wheel is boxed and shipped is quality control. Every component of the wheel is inspected multiple times at every step, with one final inspection after the wheel is finished. When each part arrives from finishing, we inspect the paint under a black light to ensure there are no blemishes to be found. With any hint of an issue, a part will be rejected and redone until perfection is achieved. After inspecting the paint, the wheel is assembled and placed on a run-out machine. Each wheel goes through run-out testing to ensure it’s perfectly round and must fall within our threshold of a run-out no higher than 15 thousandths from perfect. This ensures that each wheel leaving our facility will drive smoothly with zero vibrations.